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GuardPro Flea Collar

GuardPro Flea Collar

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GuardPro Flea Collar

Extended Protection:

  • Offers a solid 8-month barrier against fleas, ticks, and other common pests, ensuring your pet remains itch-free and comfortable.

Proactive Defense:

  • GuardPro's advanced formula releases steadily, providing round-the-clock protection from harmful pests, so your pet remains safe during both indoor and outdoor adventures.

Non-Toxic & Safe:

  • Crafted with your pet's well-being in mind, this collar is free from harmful chemicals, ensuring no adverse reactions or skin irritations.


  • Rain or shine, the GuardPro Flea Collar remains effective, allowing your pet to enjoy the great outdoors without compromise.

Easy to Use:

  • Designed for a hassle-free application, simply adjust to your pet's neck size, fasten securely, and let the collar do its magic.


  • One collar provides months of protection, saving you time and money on frequent applications or vet visits.

Protect your beloved companion from the persistent menace of pests with the GuardPro Flea Collar – ensuring they remain happy, healthy, and always ready for the next adventure!

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