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Premium Sleep Headphones

Premium Sleep Headphones

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 The Snug Hugs Premium Sleep Headphones will unlock your best nights' sleep ever. Coax yourself into relaxation wherever you please. Use your sleep headphones to block out partners' snoring, outside noise or treat your insomnia. Our durable, super comfortable sleep headphones are easily removed for the band to be machine washable.

Free & Fast Shipping

We'll deliver your Snug Hugs Premium Sleep Headphones anywhere in Australia for FREE via fast and reliable shipping.

30 Night Satisfaction Guarantee!

Sleep easy with our 30 night guarantee. Release that built up anxiety or stress with a good night's sleep by using our sleep headphones today. You will love it or your money back!

Who Is This Good For?

✨ Partners Snoring (make sleep possible again)

✨ Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep during the night

✨ Insomniacs with racing minds

✨ Sleepers who toss and turn 

✨ Loud Neighbours

✨ Tinnitus

✨ Customers absolutely love it (white noise for drifting off to sleep)

✨ Anyone who loves the sound of their favourite meditation, podcast, white noise or music as they fall asleep

✨ Ideal for side sleepers with the low profile soft headphones

✨ Use as headphones while exercising (won't fall out like ear buds)

✨ Stressful days or anxiety about an upcoming event

Regardless of which position you prefer, these sleep headphones will provide a solution to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep all night.

Why The Snug Hugs Premium Sleep Headphones?

Your Sleep Headphones are what you've been waiting for to have the best sleep of your life. Premium quality sound delivered in a comfy way.

✨ Soft Flat Headphones Comfy For All Sleep Types

✨ Painless (Unlike The Pain You Get From Ear Buds)

✨ Listen to your favourite calming music, white noise or meditation app

✨ Stress-reducing, happiness-inducing and sleep-initiating

✨ Provides A Deep, Restful Sleep

✨ Full Nights' Sleep On A Single Charge (10+ Hours)

✨ Endless Uses And Positions

✨ Great For Anyone And Everyone

✨ 100% Australian Owned

What's Included?

1 x Snug Hugs Premium Sleep Headphones
1 x Battery Charging Cable
1 x Manual


The headband is made from 100% high quality nylon.


The Snug Hugs Premium Sleep Headphones are one-size fits all.

The Snug Hugs brand has over 1,000 5 Star Reviews & 20,000+ Happy Customers. We're an Australian owned and operated small business and provide service you can rely on!


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