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Reflective Longevity Leash

Reflective Longevity Leash

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Reflective Longevity Leash

Highly Reflective:

  • Ensures your dog is seen during nighttime walks, enhancing safety for both of you.

Durable Construction:

  • Crafted with robust materials designed to last, ensuring extended use without fraying or snapping.

Adjustable Length:

  • Comes in 150cm, 200cm, and 300cm lengths to cater to every dog's need, from small to large breeds.

Comfortable Grip:

  • Ergonomically designed handle offers a comfortable grip, reducing strain during those long walks.

Universal Fit:

  • Suitable for all dog sizes, from petite Chihuahuas to majestic Golden Retrievers.

Easy Maintenance:

  • Simple to clean and maintain, looking brand new even after numerous uses.


  • Whether you're training, jogging, or just taking a leisurely evening walk, this leash has got you covered.
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